Secret World of Self Storage

Chris heads down to his storage unit whenever he’s going through a rough patch, spending time with his prize possession; Derek the dalek who always lifts his spirits. 35-year-old Maria readily admits that her storage unit is her life. Everything she owns is locked away in a three-metre by three metre box. Maria moved into storage as a short term measure, but three years on, she’s still homeless and there’s little chance of her moving into a place of her own.  self storage centre

Then there’s Roddolf, an unashamed storage junkie. He dreams of become an installation artist and he’s convinced that the stuff he stores, including 20-year-old boxes and piles of dust, will provide the inspiration and the raw materials for his masterpieces. As this special discovers, there is everything from dead bodies to people living in self-storage, making police raids more common and there has been no end of strange stuff found inside.

Watch this BBC TV One Life video to hear what Chris, Maria and Roddolf have to say about their self storage secrets.

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