Self-storage buyer's guide

Whether you're moving house and want to keep your belongings safe while the move takes place, you're stowing your student stuff away outside of term time or you're simply looking for a place to put all of the goods that slowly build up in any and every home, it's important you do it right and get a storage solution that works for you!
In this post, you'll find all the info you need to ensure your storing is as smooth as possible.
When storing, be it long or short term, the single biggest consideration when making a decision is what you're going to put away into storage.
If you're looking to pack up everything – if you're about to move out of your home and there'll be some time until you move into a new place, for example – then chances are you'll need a 75-200 sq ft space, depending on the number of belongings you have.
On the other hand, if you're just securely popping a few delicate items away, a locker or 10 sq ft x 6 ft unit might do the job. Whatever you're after, click here and scroll down the page to take a look at our size estimator for yourself.
It's important to remember that you can fit a lot more into a storage unit than you might think, especially if everything's packaged neatly into boxes, which brings us to our next point…
The amount of packaging you'll need will depend on what you're storing and for how long you want to store it for. All of our storage centres also have an on-site store where you can buy a huge range of packaging materials
If you're only popping your things in for a short period of time, then hiring some of our robust and waterproof crates could be a good choice – you can hire five crates for £1 per week.
For longer storage periods, our sturdy boxes are perfect. Whether you need a slim box for a picture frame or TV, dust covers for a prized possession or a box that doubles up as a wardrobe, we've got it covered!
Simply click here to take a look at our price list.
All of our storage facilities are safe and secure. Alarmed entry and CCTV provide extra peace of mind that your valuables will be safe, but there are a couple of things you should think about to keep your things safe when putting them into storage.
Insurance is a necessity, and we can provide bespoke cover to start as soon as you move your valuables into the storage unit, priced at just £1.38 per £1000 cover per week. This amount can be increased or decreased at any time – it's completely up to you.
Lastly, to secure your storage unit, you'll need to lock it with a padlock. We have a range of padlocks available to purchase at all of our stores, from simple but secure brass locks to heavy duty disk locks.