Self storage FAQ

A quick guide to Space Station self storage based on the most frequent questions our home and business customers ask:-

What is self storage?
Space Station self storage is cheap and secure space for anyone that needs more room at home or for a business.

Why use self storage?

At some time, most of us need more cheap storage for home and work. Renting a storage building would just be a waste of money, because most self storage is a quick and cost-effective fix to solve an immediate problem.

For homeowners, storage space is useful for keeping bulky items that are not in constant use – like garden toys, furniture and sports equipment.

Self storage is handy for moving home if you own or rent, because any overflow of belongings can be easily stored. Many people also rent storage for decluttering their homes with belongings they don’t want to throw out and others may need extra space for short periods, like when builders or decorators are at work.

Students find self storage convenient for keeping their belongings out of term time, especially if they are moving digs.

Businesses also have a need for extra storage at short notice to keep overflow stock, raw materials or furnishings. Storage is also convenient as somewhere to keep business records and other documents.

space station self storage FAQ

Finding the right self storage in West London


Space Station has several depots within easy reach of homes and businesses across West London and within easy reach of the M4, A40 and Heathrow – go to our web pages for maps and directions to our strage facilites at Brentford, Brentford Station, Isleworth, Slough and Uxbridge.

Storage is flexible – from mini storage lockers to containers with pallet racking.

What if I want to access my stored objects at short notice?

Space Station storage centres have long opening hours most days except bank holidays. Customer access is free within these hours. Just turn up during opening hours and you can add or remove items from your storage without any problem.

Some business storage comes with 24/7 access. 

How long do I have to rent the space for?

The answer is for as long as you want. Last year, a third of customers used their units for 100 days or less, while the average stay in larger units was about 40 weeks, according to a report by the Self Storage Association.

What does self storage cost?

Costs depend on the size of storage unit and how long the space is rented. For latest prices and special offers call 0845 051 7699 or go to our  web site.

What can I store?

You can store most items, excluding firearms, inflammables and illegal substances like drugs, explosives, weapons or anything else harmful to public health.

Is self storage safe?


Space Station works hard to keep storage clean dry and secure. Site access is controlled by PIN-code and every self storage centre has CCTV and security systems.

Is storage space private?

Yes. Your own padlock and keys mean only you or someone you allow can access your storage space.

What about insurance for my belongings in self storage?

Yes. All self storage should be insured by the user because anything in the room is not covered by Space-Station insurance or your own business or home policies. You can arrange your own cover or ask Space Station to arrange cover for you.

Is a storage centre only good for big items?

Storage space comes in flexible sizes that will easily cope with most items. Average unit size is 80 cubic metres – that’s a room measuring about 3 metres high with a floor measuring 3 metres x 3 metres, but lots of larger and smaller rooms are available.