Self Storage Finds: The Top Ten Weirdest Self Storage Secrets

Self Storage comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

With self storage available from just 1m³ and going up to the size of a football pitch it is no surprise that some incredible things are found in them when they eventually change hands in self storage auctions.

Here is a list of the top ten bizarre things found in self storage lockers worldwide!

10 ) A stolen cherry red vintage corvette.

Taken from a forecourt in San Diego and stored since in 1989 its total storage fees were said to have amounted to over $70,000. Gutting as the new owner only managed to sell it for $22,000.

9 ) Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri’s stolen Lamborghini

taken from his home in California turned up in a self storage container along with the thief’s motorbike.

8 ) A copy of K.I.T.T!

Yes, Michael Knight’s famous wheels from Knight Rider is said to have been clocked by staff being driven into a self storage unit somewhere in the UK!

7) Michael Jackson tunes

that had never been released. Over 250 Michael Jackson songs that were recorded at a time when Michael Jackson was between record labels were found when the self storage locker’s contents were sold on.

6) Nicholas Cage’s rare comic book.

The person that bought the self storage locker took the comic to a specialist who recognised it as the same one he had previously sold to Nicholas Cage. The actor was said to be delighted to be reunited with the comic book that had been stolen from him ten years earlier.

5) Cash.

In San Jose a storage locker was bought at auction for $1,100. When the new owner opened it up he found half a million dollars of gold and silver ingots and unusual coins.

4) Aretha Franklin’s wardrobe

including hats and accessories were found in a storage unit in Michigan.

3) 3,000 year old seeds.

Stored in ancient storage sites and found by Chinese excavation experts. See, things last if you store them in the right environment!

2) NASA rocket and countdown clock.

These were the findings in a storage locker in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

1) A framed letter from Burt Reynold’s doctor

about the actor’s surgery on his spleen in 1955.