Self storage gives families more living space

More and more people are looking to self storage rather than upsizing their home because mortgages are so hard to find.In recent years, the flow of home loans from banks and building societies allowed many families to move house or add space.Those funds have dried up with the recession stopping first time buyers moving up from rented homes and homeowners moving to new properties. - garage rubbish

One of the key reasons forcing people to move is lack of room in their home either because children need space of their own that was cluttered with disused furniture and belongings or young adults can’t afford the cost of renting and are moving back in with their parents.

Self storage is an affordable option for many families in this predicament - many firms offer special offers and low rates.

Storage rooms are available from mini lockers up to container size and are cheap compared to the cost of moving home.

Clean, dry, climate controlled storage can easily swallow all the belongings from a garage or spare room. Belongings are also safer and less likely to suffer damage carefully packed in to a storage centre.

Even falling house prices are unlikely to make buying a home easier.

With the impending general election and change of government, interest rates are expected rise later this year to make the cost of borrowing even less affordable.

The cost of adding extra space is also too expensive for many homeowners to fund out of income.

Self storage starts from about £8-£10 a week for the smallest lockers, so pound for pound, renting more space is a sensible option when saving to extend could take years.

Meanwhile, any unwanted possessions are safely out of sight and out of mind, but easily accessible.

A leading storage firm like Space Station Self Storage offers flexible storage arrangements, a free van to help with moving and safe, secure premises at competitive rates.

Space Stations storage centres are modern and clean, based at Brentford, Slough, Isleworth and Uxbridge within easy reach of main routes and Heathrow.

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