Self storage goes showbiz - Hollywood style

If that lager firm was to go in to self storage, then Hollywood Storage Centre is probably the blueprint they would follow.

The storage centre has a quirky history thanks to the big showbiz style personality of owner Jay Sundher

The storage facility - then called Thousand Oaks Storage - is a registered polling place.

SpaceStation Self Storage - Hollywood

For one election, more than 1,200 voters flocked to the polling centre for the freebies and police had to close down the highway because of the traffic congestion. The owner set up balloons and banners and played patriotic tunes and served up hotdogs and popcorn for the voters

In 2001, the owner bought the building next door and rebranded the self storage units as Hollywood Storage Centre.

The reception is themed as a movie set with life size wax models of Batman, Marilyn Monroe and Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator.  Jay Sundher shows full-length films to the self storage renters every day.

Popcorn, sweets and soft drinks are also served.

The storage centre was extended for a third time with a showbiz party for 1,500 guests served by costumed stafrf like Dorothy from the Wizaed of Oz, the Tin Man, two live bands and a live radio broadcast.

Other quirky ideas the owner had was letting sellers have 10 foot square storage units for the day to use for garage sales to raise cash for themselves, providing 20% was donated to charity.

Again, the event signalled partytime and 2,000 people turned out for the day and raised several thousand dollars for charity. The sales are annual events now because 80 sellers paid £10 for their space and 40 ended up renting the space long-term.

Two bands played live and games were laid on for children. A raffle gave away gifts provided by local businesses and vendors.

Jay Sundher's philosophy is you have to give a little to get a little back - and his blend of showbiz and charity work well for his business.