How much is self-storage insurance?
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How much is self-storage insurance?

Family heirlooms, bulky furniture, sports equipment, excess business stock – if there’s no room for it at home but it’s too valuable to throw away, then it’s surely still worth insuring? If you kept it at home, it would be covered by your home contents insurance. But once it’s outside the home, it’s it could be outside the cover.

Many storage providers will require you to have contents insurance for the items you store with them – we do at Space Station – and you will either have the option of providing your own or going with the storage company’s recommended in-house provider.

While you may be thinking that any self-storage premises worth using wouldn’t need you to have insurance if they were any good at keeping things secure, just remember that – like any insurance – self-storage insurance is something that you buy without any intention (or hope) of ever having to use it. It’s just something that’s there to protect both you and us in the very unfortunate and unlikely event that the worst does actually happen.

More importantly, don’t forget that self-storage insurance doesn’t just protect against theft, either – fire, floods, explosions, storms, malicious damage, earthquakes and other physical loss or damage are also covered, keeping your items protected no matter what might happen.

Obviously the cost of self-storage will depend on the value of the things you want to store, and for how long – just like with any insurance. However, at Space Station, we aim to provide truly competitive cover that is flexible enough to meet the wide range of needs that the users of self-storage have.

A self-storage insurance policy with us can be taken out immediately on moving in to the unit, and can be increased and decreased at any time so you can add or remove items from the unit without paying too much – or finding yourself short on protection.

You can also cancel at any time, so you’re never locked in to paying for insurance for longer than you require a unit.

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