Self storage makes space for home improvements

Whether you are planning a major home improvement or a DIY project in a particular part of the house, taking advantage of self storage can make the job easier and faster – and prevent your belongings from being damaged.

Before you begin

Even while your home improvement plans are just an aspiration, waiting for the time and money to put them into practice, self storage can help you make a start. For example, if your see the perfect piece of furniture, or have the opportunity to buy the tiles you desperately desire at a bargain price, or wish to accumulate accessories so you can put them into place when the job is done – self storage provides the space to store all your materials until the time is right. Space Station self storage has rooms in variety of sizes, from a locker-size to the size of a tennis court.

During the project

Unless you live in a large house with spare rooms where you can shift the contents of other rooms while they are being renovated, self storage provides the perfect alternative. Even a straightforward project like painting the walls of a room results in a better outcome when the room is cleared beforehand. It creates less hassle for you and removes the risk of spills and splashes. As well as furniture and furnishings, it is a wise move to safely store away valuable and delicate items too. They could easily get damaged during the disruption. Remember, you are supposed to be renovating your home not destroying it!

Storing equipment

In addition to the contents of your house, large renovation projects invariably involve large items of DIY equipment, most of which cannot be conveniently stored at home. Even equipment for exterior use should not be left outdoors, especially overnight. As well as exposing them to the elements it makes them a potential target for theft. At Space Station, we offer storage facilities that will keep your tools and equipment safe, secure, and out of the way until they are needed.

So, if you have been thinking about a spot of DIY, don’t let clutter get in your way. Whatever renovation project you have in mind, it will benefit from extra space. The kind of space you find at Space Station.

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