Self storage packs a punch for cage fighters

Entrepreneurs looking for no-frills business storage are queuing to book self storage as they run out of trading space at home.

From cage fighters to charities, music schools to fashion labels, small businesses starved of bank lending and priced out of the high street are finding a way to start up in these cheap and cheerful surroundings.

Businesses are under even more stress around Heathrow Airport and the busy M4 corridor in to West London, so self storage provides much needed space in towns like Slough, Uxbridge, Isleworth and Brentford.

The advantages are obvious. Self storage units offer exceptional value for money and the all-in-one price for a unit means it’s easy to budget for a new business.

Locations are typically easily accessible, clean and safe, plus points that come at an expensive premium in the property market.

A self storage unit is the ultimate blank canvas for a business. Expansion is as easy as renting the unit next door. Need more storage for stock? Simply ask the manager for a new unit on the site. With a bit of work, a self storage unit can be anything you want it to be.

In Berkshire, a secure self storage centre houses a fully-equipped cage fighting gym.

In Surrey, a charity for amputees set up a base in a storage centre because of  easy accessibility.

With clever use of sound-proofing a Stockport music academy and studio has expanded unit by unit to fill up 1,500 square feet of its self storage head quarters.

Also in London, two idealistic eco fashion enthusiasts took a look at leasing a shop before deciding that a self storage unit and a web site was the only way they could afford to get their business dream off the ground.

Even virtual businesses need somewhere to keep their stock and business records, and secure self storage is the ideal base for online traders.