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Simple spring cleaning checklist

Once again, the time has come to do the annual spring clean, which is the perfect opportunity to transform your home into a fresh, relaxing paradise. We know how much planning can go into a deep clean, and we’ve created a checklist to help you spruce up every room in your home this spring.

Simple spring cleaning checklist

Essential products

Before we get into it the spring clean checklist, here’s a quick overview of must-have products you’ll need to carry out a successful clean:

– Extendable duster
– A powerful vacuum cleaner
– Microfibre cloths
– Multi-surface cleaner
– Bin bags
– Disinfecting spray
– Scented room spray, candle, or incense
– Scrubbing sponges
– Bicarbonate of soda
– Polish
– Vinegar


First things first, start your spring clean in the kitchen and inspect your pantry and cupboards. Are there any products that have expired? Notice any empty jars? If so, clear out the clutter and recycle any old packaging. This will organise your pantry and provide you with plenty more room for new items.

A helpful tip when you’re clearing out is to place any half-opened packets, like muesli, in plastic square containers. This will allow you to easily stack your essentials and keep your food fresh too.

Next, focus on cleaning any other kitchen cabinets, like those above the worktop or cooker. If you have time, remove all the items inside the cabinet first, give them a good clean, and then neatly reorganise.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to shift your attention to the oven. Often the most difficult appliance to clean, a quick hack is to use bicarbonate of soda and water directly onto the glass, leave on for 15-20 minutes and then simply wipe off the stain.

Another appliance that needs some TLC is the fridge. Deep clean the inside of the fridge and wash the outside too with multi-surface cleaner. It’s also important to mop and vacuum behind it as well.

Living Room

Moving into the living room, grab the duster and begin cleaning any frames, mirrors, and decorative items. A great way to do this is by using polish and a microfibre cloth. What’s more, if your living room includes any cushion covers throws, be sure to put them in the washing machine for a good spring clean.

For any homeowners who have carpet in their living room, use carpet cleaner to freshen up your carpet, and remove any stains you notice. When you’re happy with the results, vacuum the rest of your carpet for spotless results.


Cleaning your bedroom is crucial and can even have a positive impact on your sleep. So, remove all of the covers from your bedding (including pillowcases) and place them in the washing machine to be cleaned, that way you can enjoy the fresh scent of clean bed sheets – which is great for a good night’s rest.

Afterwards, try and flip your mattress to ensure your comfort fillings are distributed evenly. It’s worth noting that if your mattress is king-sized or larger, you may need someone to give you a helping hand as they can be rather heavy.

Once this is complete, examine anything underneath your bed and remove anything you don’t use or require anymore – this will leave you with more space, and no more untidiness.


Despite it being an unpopular chore, cleaning the bathroom regularly is vital in preventing any illness and infections. Start by disinfecting the bathtub and shower, do you notice any mould? Don’t worry, this is common due to humidity, and can easily be removed with vinegar mixed with baking soda.

The best way to clean mirrors in your bathroom is to use lemon juice with dish detergent and vinegar. Quickly give your mirrors a wipe down and they’ll look as good as new, without any streaks.

After that, get hold of any bathmats or carpets that you have in your bathroom, and place them in the washing machine for a clean. Mould can also be found on shower curtains, and can in fact be cleaned using the washing machine too.

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