Simple, successful tips to move home stress-free

So you've decided to move house - congratulations! Moving home is most certainly one of life's greatest thrills, with the prospect of starting a new chapter and embarking on new beginnings being extremely exciting for those involved. Being such an inspiring process, no one wants stress to get the better of the situation.

By nature, huge life events often come with added complications, but fear not, there are a whole host of methods to eliminate and overcome those snags. Follow our advice to make the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.
Forward planning
Stick to a plan of action to ensure your move runs smoothly. Create a pre-moving day game plan and make sure your family is aware of their responsibilities as well - you're all in it together!
Start packing valuables and possessions early on, book professional moving teams long in advance of your moving date and place some of your belongings in storage for greater breathing space.

Relax and re-energise
Has the rest of your cul-de-sac gone to sleep yet you're awake, lights on, burning the midnight oil as you excitedly redecorate that new bedroom of yours? Excitement is only natural when moving home, but think about being good to yourself too.
By breaking house moving tasks into bite size chunks and scheduling regular relaxation slots, this is a sure-fire way to conquer tiredness. Stopping for a cup of tea is great, but make sure you spend time away from the property too, enjoying your favourite hobby or meeting loved ones before returning relaxed and re-energised. What's more, family and friends may be willing to lend a hand, helping you to reach that happy, homely endpoint.
Think positive
We all build lives around the places we live. The friendships and routines we make all contribute to the familiarity and affection we have for certain areas. Putting our own stamp on a place is what makes homeownership great!
Moving home brings change, but the end of one chapter always marks the beginning of another. Your longstanding friendships will remain and starting afresh means discovering new people and places that'll ultimately enhance and enrich your life.
Dealing with thoughts of change both positively and excitedly will help you focus on all of the great things waiting just around the corner. Hang on to the things that matter in your old hometown, and get heaps of enjoyment out of embracing a new start and a new you!
Sometimes, having a place to store your belongings while moving house can be a big help. Find your nearest Space Station location and keep the stress at bay while you're busy planning for your new home!

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