Sites that save you time and money when you are planning a house move

Moving House is a daunting task. There is so much to think about and so much to do. Often just working out what you need to do and where to get the best information from can take time that you just haven’t got.A lot of people find that Space Station Self Storage can really ease the pressure when moving house. Whether as a place to keep your belongings when you are living in temporary accommodation, or for those downsizing that don’t want to get rid until they know what they need and what they don’t.

Top moving sites

Some Space Station clients like to move in stages, using self storage to make it easy to shift a few boxes out of a property at a time and then once they have the keys to their new palace to move in gradually, getting straight as they go and not having that awful house-on-it’s-head drama that almost always follows a house move.

So, in order to save you some time that you can instead use for packing those boxes we have made a list of the best resources on the web for if you are thinking of moving house.

1) Right Move

We all know this one so I shan’t labour the point. We all know that Right Move provides the best property porn on the planet for those wanting to buy or those wanting to ogle.

2) Zoopla

It’s gotta be. Every house hunter needs to do their research. Zoopla can help you to find out the going rate in the areas you are looking in. They also have a postcode finder and a move planner to make life that bit easier.


A fab website with all sorts of useful info to help you with your move but one of the things we love the most is its guide to finding a conveyancer. It even has an online facility to get a variety of online quotes for a conveyancer in just moments saving you time and effort.

4) BBC

Not necessarily the first site to spring to mind when you are thinking about moving house but it won’t disappoint. The same quality of resources that we have come to expect from 'the Beeb' can be found, with useful tips, articles and planners for anyone thinking about moving home or planning a house move.


When we look to invest potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds in a property it helps to have a bit of reassurance it sometimes pays off to investigate crime rates and anti-social behaviour looks like in the area you are considering. The loveliest of areas will often have surprising high instances of crime of antisocial behaviour so don’t be put off at first glance, compare it to an area that you know well to gauge exactly what the stats mean to you.

6) Space Station

We have a number of blogs and articles on how to move house, how to plan the house move and how self storage can help you in your house move but our library of planners, blogs and articles always growing and we even offer special discounts from time to time to make self storage when moving house that little bit easier on the pocket so make sure you bookmark this site.

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