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Space Station – 10 Top Tips to add value to your home

Whether you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, or you just want to make the most of it, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your property,
however big or small. Below, we’ll take you through our top ten tips for adding value to your home – some of these ideas might involve significant
renovations, but others could easily be done on a small budget, so there’s something for everyone.

1. Refresh the exterior

Upping the kerb appeal of your property can do a great deal to add value. By taking small measures like repainting your front door, repairing broken fencing,
fixing any glaring problems with the roof and adding a house number, you’ll ensure your home makes a good first impression.

2. Upgrade your windows

Investing in double glazing for your property will not only make your home more thermally efficient, but also modernise the exterior. If you live in a
period property or a listed building, adding internal secondary glazing is a great way to increase heat retention without replacing the original windows.

3. Spruce up the garden

A garden is an asset to any property, but it should do your house justice. From planting a few colourful flowers to mowing the lawn or adding new patio
furniture, showing your outdoor space a bit of TLC can make it a real selling point for your home. 4.Adding an extra bedroom. Opting for a light and
airy loft extension or spacious cellar conversion can hugely increase the value of your property; you’re likely to see a significant return on investment,
and enjoy the extra space yourself while you’re a resident. Putting things in storage during the build is easy too – Space Station can offer household
storage on both short and long term contracts.

5. Restore original features

If you live in a period property, putting those charming traditional features front and centre can work wonders. That might mean getting your fireplace
operational again, repainting ceiling cornices or cleaning up any original tilework in your property.

6. Bathroom updates

Bathrooms can be a real focus for potential buyers, but updating them doesn’t need to include a complete overhaul. While replacing dated or damaged units
is ideal, a lot can be achieved by repainting, buying new taps and re-grouting loose tiles.

7. Parking potential

A place to park the car is a coveted addition to any property, and it’s guaranteed to add value – especially if it’s off the road. If you can add parking
to your home without sacrificing too much of your outdoor space, it’s well worth considering.

8. New storage solutions

Especially important if your home is on the small side, finding crafty solutions to maximise on space is a quick win for increasing property value. You
might even consider putting some of your bulkier possessions into storage while you have viewings, so buyers can see more of the house itself.

9. Modernise your kitchen

Just like bathrooms, kitchens usually represent a big tick box for any buyer interested in your home. Upgrading your cabinets and white goods is one way
to give your kitchen a makeover – but it’s worth paying attention to the lighting too. If you’re on a budget, adding a few plants and a bright appliance
can bring a welcome splash of colour.

10. Carpets and flooring

You’d be amazed at the effect flooring can have on the value of your property. Replacing your carpets altogether might prove too costly or disruptive,
but getting them professionally cleaned can make a huge difference, as can treating damaged areas of hardwood floors, or adding rugs.

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