Space Station Self Storage Saves You Money at Christmas

Christmas is coming… It’s that time of year again. The evenings draw in, you browse the catalogues and look for inspiration. Retailers start their toy sales. You know it makes sense to buy presents now and save yourself some money but where will you keep them?


Do you wince every time the two year old decides to play hide and seek under the bed, knowing she is lying right next to her christmas present, all boxed but not yet wrapped. Do you dread your other half going into your sock drawer in case they find their hastily hidden christmas surprise? If so, maybe it’s high time you found another hiding place? Somewhere that they will NEVER find it. Somewhere that means you can hide the mountain bike, or the new TV, the Barbie dolls or the DS. Somewhere that is as secure as your home (if not more so) and that will not result in your nerves being in tatters every time the whole family involve themselves in finding the missing car keys!

That’s right. I am talking self storage! With self storage lockers available for as long or short period of time as you need them for and from just 1m³ you really can afford to use them to keep your Christmas presents in and help the magic of christmas to live on in your home!

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone but even Santa has us on standby at this time of year in case his storage at the North Pole reaches its capacity!