Space Station to HALF its carbon footprint

Space Station Self Storage have always been a ‘green’ company – afterall, the whole idea of storing things to use another day is environmentally friendly – but soon we will be greener than a frog on St Patrick’s Day! We have set ourselves the objective of at least halving our carbon footprint over the next three years. This will earn us the much respected Carbon Footprint Standard.

Our greatest source of energy usage is electricity. Here’s how we are planning to dramatically reduce our consumption.

Blow me!
Wind turbines capture the energy of moving air and convert it into electricity. So harnessing the power of the wind as it blows over our large buildings presents a great way to cut carbon usage. That is why, in June 2011 , we installed a 5.5kw turbine on our roof at our Space Station Brentford Storage Centre. You can see it from the Chiswick flyover, next time you are passing.

Hello sunshine!
High efficiency rooftop solar panels at all five of our storage centres have allowed us to take full advantage of the sun’s energy, even when it’s cloudy (which is just as well considering last summer’s weather). The 50kw solar panels produce 200,000kWh of completely carbon-free electricity. The annual CO2 saving from the five locations will be over 120 tonnes.


Let there be light!

With such large buildings, and people going in and out of them all the time, the amount of energy wasted on unnecessary lighting is a problem that we are determined to solve. As a result we have installed new LED lighting with a built-in sensor system at our Brentford centre. It gives you instant bright lighting when you enter, and an automatic switch-off when you leave. No more fumbling around for a switch, no more wasted electricity.

The lights are turning green!

We are replacing every florescent light throughout our storage centres (over 3,000 of them) with LED lighting, which is very energy efficient without any compromise in lighting levels.

Packaging all wrapped up!

With thousands of storage boxes sold each year and a mountain of packing material to go with them, we believe it is essential that only recycled card is used. That is why we are currently sourcing a supplier that can provide us with the greenest deal.

Thanks to all these measures and more, we are leading the way to a greener future, as Kevin Prince, our General Manager confirms: “Space Station Self Storage has led the way in the storage industry for many years. And now, I hope that our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint will create interest within the rest of the Self Storage industry and that Space Station can lead the way to an even more environmentally friendly industry.”