A storage auction bidder gives his piggy bank booty a room with a view!

One lucky Space Station storage unit bidder recently found himself in the money when his investment in a storage unit bought at auction paid off.

Storage auctions have become increasingly popular with the airing of television programmes such as storage wars and Storage Hunters - and for good reason too. Attending storage auctions can be profitable, fun and can lead to a discovery of all sorts of long-forgotten, once treasured relics.

Alan found a piggy bank full of cash in a space station storage unit he bough at auction

At a recent Space Station storage auction a storage unit was sold to Alan. Whilst sorting through the contents of the unit Alan discovered a piggy bank; not just any old piggy bank but a large piggy bank rammed full of coins. The piggy bank was a beautiful vintage model of a Gloucester Old Spot.

Auctions are held from time to time at Space Station when units are unclaimed or repeatedly defaulted on. Storage Units can be fascinating places and can hold the most astounding of bounties, each one as individual as the person that packed it up. Other valuable storage unit finds have included celebrities wardrobes and super cars.

If you are thinking about attending a storage auction and tempting your luck at discovering some interesting and unique finds you can take a look at our article on storage auction etiquette. You can come along to one of our storage auctions and see what treasures you might uncover.

When attending a storage auction bidders are only able to view the contents of the unit from from the doorway and are unable to touch an item within the unit. It is this element of surprise that makes storage auctions so much fun, and also gives them the potential to be financially beneficial.

Alan is proud of his storage discovery and will be giving the piggy bank a room with a view in the front cab of his van where all will be able to see him (obviously after clearing out the cash)!