Business self storage gives space to work

Business secure self storage is the ideal flexible solution for at-home entrepreneurs looking for more space.

Start up businesses especially suffer from two things - a lack of capital and a lack of room to work.

Self storage can help with both.

First, capital costs are kept low by spreading out stock, materials or finished goods in to a pay-as-you-go storage facility.

Businesses can just rent the space they need, when they need it most instead of tying up valuable cash in bricks and mortar

Self storage frees up room for a business

Next, working from home is never the best option for a business that deals with goods of any kind.

Packaging, stock and materials soon expands to eat up any available space. Organising your work space by removing some of the less used items to a storage centre makes running a business easier.

More importantly, by removing some items to a storage centre you can separate business space from living space and actually take a break with living with work 24/7.

So, self storage can save you space and cut your costs as a cheaper option to renting offices or work space before the business can properly afford the outlay.

What are the drawbacks? Few, really.

Storage centres are clean and dry, so anything in storage is generally kept as good as the day you left left it there.

Rooms are secure, so you do not have to worry about shrinkage.

Specialist storage for business

Business property and documents are easily accessible as most storage centres have long opening hours.

Renting space is a flexible option because the contracts roll on without tie ins, so if you have an influx of seasonal stock or need materials stored for a big order, that’s not a problem because you can shrink or expand your space as your needs change.

Even if you need specialist storage, like pallet racking in containers, a professional self storage centre will have the facilities to help - and probably a handy fork-lift to help with loading.