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Storage for business documents

As a business, it’s essential to keep a record of your important documents. Whether that includes contracts, financial transaction records or other essential
information, businesses are often legally required to keep a history in physical document form, even if a digital form exists too.

However, the need to keep a detailed record can often pose a challenge. Keeping a physical record of documents that don’t need to be accessed every day,
but that can’t be thrown away, can leave you short of space, particularly if your business operates from small premises, or even from your home!

Finding storage space off-site is a great option to keep your important files safe, but what are the benefits of self-storage for businesses, and why should
you consider it?

Why storage matters

Not only can keeping box upon box of documents out the way of your employees help to create a more pleasant environment to work in, it can also offer many
practical advantages. We’ve broken these down into the following categories of space, security and business.

From a space perspective

Finding off-site storage for your essential documents is a great way to open out your office space. This can benefit your working environment in the following

  • It creates more space for your business to grow into
  • Having a clutter-free office can help boost the productivity of your team
  • You can ensure communal space remains free from business files, creating a more relaxing area for your employees to enjoy a break
  • Storing documents on-site could end up blocking corridors, walk ways and even compromising fire exits. With off-site storage, you can continue to operate
    a health and safety-compliant office
  • For businesses that operate from home, you can keep your personal space as just that, without seeing work documents in every room!
  • You can easily expand the amount of storage space you need – it can grow as your business grows

From a security perspective

Keeping your essential documents off-site comes with added benefits in terms of business security and data protection. Storing important files off-site
offers the following security benefits:

  • Commercially sensitive data is kept safely locked away, removing the risk of documents being read by unwanted eyes
  • Personal employee and customer information is kept secure
  • The physical safety of your important files is ensured. Keeping documents in a secure self-storage unit allows you to protect your files from water
    or condensation damage, as many are climate-controlled

From a business perspective

As well as being a practical solution to storing your files, self-storage can also help your business to continue a smooth operation:

  • You can quickly and easily access your files whenever you need them. Whether that’s for record purposes or for external auditing, you’ll always have
    the information you need in one handy place
  • Self-storage facilities can offer a financial benefit to businesses, as the need to expand your existing office space in order to store your files
    is removed, saving time, potentially money, and the hassle of having to relocate your business.

Finding the right space

Finding a self-storage solution that works for your business is essential. At Space Station, we provide a 24/7 self-storage
solution, so you can access your business belongings whenever you need them.

Our storage offers PIN code security, CCTV and alarm systems, so you can’t rest assured that your documents are safe. As well as this, access to your files
is through a locked door, that is only accessible by your business.

We also offer climate-controlled spaces, so your business documents stay dry, in perfect condition, and free from the risk of damage that’s caused by changeable
climates. You can also opt to have racks installed in your space for easy access to files.

At Space Station, you only pay for the space you need. Instead of opting for a large space to grow into, you can simply upgrade to a larger solution as
and when you need it, meaning you needn’t pay for space you’re not going to need just yet. Our storage facilities range in size from about the size
of a small shed, up to spaces that are hundreds of cubic feet, so we really can accommodate a huge range of business needs!

To find out more information about the business document and archive storage services we offer, take a look at our dedicated page.

Whether you need to store your documents as a legal record, or simply for your own peace of mind, get in touch with Space Station today, we’d love to discuss
your requirements.