Storage, Packing & Removal Guide – Bedrooms

This Space Station Self Storage guide is part of a room-by-room guide aiming to help people moving home or using self storage find out how to pack and move their belongings safely.

space station self storage wardrobe box



Bedding, like sheets, quilts and pillows can be folded and wrapped tightly and stuffed in boxes. Don't forget to slip in some fragile items that will have protection inside the bedding.


Specially designed mattress covers or thick plastic will protect mattresses from harm in vans and lorries.


Simply grab your hanging clothes out of the wardrobe and put them straight in a wardrobe box. Measure the length of all your rails in centimetres, most wardrobe boxes have 60cms of hanging, so divide the whole length  by 60 and round up to the nearest box size to find out how many you need. If you have 320 cms of rail, 320 divided by 60 is five, add an extra box for the additional 20cms and order six boxes for your move.

Shoes can go in the bottom of a wardrobe box.


Pack fragile items in with loose clothes, but do not overfill the drawers or make them too heavy. The drawers will be slipped out for the move, so wrap them with plastic or a blanket and tape it tight so nothing falls out when the drawer is lifted.

Jewellery and important documents

Either give these to someone else to look after or keep them with you during the move.  

Cosmetics and perfumes

Check the bottles and containers don't leak and put them inside a strong box so they don't get crushed or squeezed.

Overnight bags

Don't forget to pack an overnight bag for everyone so you don't have to root round in boxes as soon as you wake up after a move or find that you have locked all your personal belongings in self storage.

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