Storage Space: How much is enough?

How many times have you thought to yourself ‘If only I had more storage space’?


If I had more space the house would be tidier, easier to keep clean or to sell, or just more enjoyable to live in!

There is a huge misconception that storage space is only worth investing in if you have rooms full of things to store. Maybe it’s for the owners of a country mansion that are downsizing? Perhaps it’s only really for businesses? The great news is that at Space Station Self Storage there is storage space for everyone, no matter what your storage requirements.

Our smallest storage space is just 1m³. Our largest space is the size of a football pitch. So unless you are wanting to store more than 55,000 cheering and waving fans (not recommended) we have storage space to fit your needs!

How Much Storage Space?

From a 1m³ locker (approximately 3ft x 3ft)

that you can use to keep your 'vintage' toy cars away from the children.

To a cupboard sized storage space (3ft x 5ft)

So you can store everything that you used to be able to store in the closet before it was turned into an airing cupboard.

To a room 35ft² (7ft x5ft)

To store all the excess furniture when you downsize to fewer bedrooms.

A 50ft² room (5ftx10ft)

For storing your personal belongings or even a 75ft² room for when you move overseas and want to store your possessions and rent out your house.

To a storage space 90m x 120m (295ft x 145ft)

to store 55,000 cheering and waving, colours sporting and flag toting fans….(only joking!), an aeroplane, or whatever else you may need to store. With all kinds of sizes in between to fit your storage space needs whatever they may be.

Just remember. All of the above measurements are floor space measurements only. Most of our storage lockers are at least 7ft high so by stacking your packing you can make the most out of your storage space!
The above storage uses are purely suggestions. You can use your storage unit to store whatever you need to keep safe, dry and in storage!

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