Don’t let storage space ruin your ideal home move

Moving home is one of those necessary facts of life. No matter how settled we become in
a house, flat, bungalow, converted shipping container, mountain micro-chalet, castle, or
whatever we choose to live in, it’s impossible to know what’s coming round the corner
that may mean we have to move.

For some, moving is always an exciting opportunity, full of new colour schemes and living
room layouts. For others it’s a nightmarish stress of packing boxes, signing contracts, and
getting sofas stuck in every door and staircase possible.

Depending on circumstance, it’s often a sad fact of moving that we find ourselves with a
little less space than before. Whether it’s a downsizing to reduce costs, moving from a
house in the suburbs to a city-centre apartment to be close to a new job, or heading off
for uni and facing the prospect of squashing everything in to halls, a place to put things
you no longer have room for but can’t bear to part with is essential.

It might not be something you’ve ever considered, but a storage unit could be just what
you need in situations like this. Keeping everything clean, safe and secure – especially
compared to storing everything in a friend or family member’s dusty garage or attic until
you get more space – storage units are also convenient. There’s no need to spend a couple of hours on the motorway and turf a loved one out of bed in the middle of the night just to get something you need if it’s stored in a nearby unit with round-the-clock access.

Yes, family and friends may offer space for free (if they’re actually any good at being
family or friends, that is) but the security and convenience that a storage unit can provide
may just be worth the price – and you’d be surprised at just how low that price may be!
Any good storage provider will offer a range of unit sizes, rental timeframes, and payment
plans to suit any budget or need.

But that’s not the only way self-storage can make moving home a little easier. Maybe
you’ve sold your home, or are between rental contracts, and the moving dates haven’t
quite lined up? An awful situation to be in, but a week or two in self-storage for all of your
belongings could be a lifesaver while you stay with friends, family, or in a hotel until you
get your keys.

Or maybe you’re being pro-active in your move, and getting things packed up early.
Putting your packed boxes in to storage will give you the space to keep living your life with
a vague sense of normalcy throughout the experience, save valuables from breaking, and
make the space to give your soon-to-be-former home a good deep-clean to ensure you
get that rental deposit back!

Finally, if you’re struggling to find a buyer in the first place, maybe you need to have a
quick think about presentation – de-cluttering things in to a storage unit could help you
show your home’s best qualities.

Whatever your circumstances, if your move is causing you stress, then a storage unit
might be the exact solution you need to give you the space to breathe.

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