Store your garden furniture for winter

September is well and truly under way and it’s time to face facts. The long sun drenched days of hanging out in the back garden are over. It’s time to pack away your garden furniture, the barbecue and even some of your garden tools for the winter.

Time to clean the gardening tools

We invest in our outdoor furniture in hope that it will last the distance and provide us with a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor seating area for years to come. However, unless you store your outdoor belongings away properly they could deteriorate whilst in storage.

Here are some tips on how to pack away your garden for winter storage.


1)Make sure your garden furniture is clean and dry before you store it away.

Oil your wooden furniture to keep it well protected over the winter months.

2)Thoroughly clean your barbecue before you pack it away.

Dirt and grease could cause your barbecue to go mouldy and moisture can cause a terminal rust issue for your barbecue. For more information on how to clean a barbecue properly check out our blog on how to prepare your barbecue for winter storage.

3)Bring all of the toys indoors. Any toys left lying around in the garden should be stored either inside or in the bin.

Toys left on the grass for long periods of time can damage the grass and the elements can cause toys to fade, become mouldy and reduce or remove any potential resale value of the toys.

4)Once you have put your garden to bed for winter, clean off your garden tools.

Rinse mud off of any shovels, rakes and trowels, and a once over with a stiff brush will help to get mud out of nooks and crannies. If you have a bucket of sand add some linseed oil and dip your tools in it to help keep them in good condition. This is a good thing to do after each use if you can! Wipe any wooden handles with a rag soaked in linseed oil. Sharpen any secateurs, and coil up and stow away any cables for neat and tidy storage.

5)Store your belongings in a safe, dry place.

If you store them in a shed or a garage, you ideally want to hang them up to avoid risk of damage through damp. If you don’t have a safe, dry place to keep all of your garden furniture and the tools you won’t need then try self storage. You will be able to rent a room that will be right size for your garden tools and furniture and you will be able to rest assured that your garden furniture and garden tools will be in tip top condition for next spring.

Our flexible self storage at Space Station will even enable you to adapt the space that you rent according to your needs so if you have a furniture deficit at Christmas and need your garden furniture for Gran to sit on you could always down-size to a storage space perfect for just your garden tools.