Student Self Storage is the Smarter Way to Store

It’s that time again, another academic year, another move. Maybe this time you are downsizing, or moving in with different friends that already have a TV or a sofa. Maybe your new accommodation is already furnished?


Whatever the motivation, if you have to cut down on the things you take with you, self storage solutions mean you no longer have to get rid!

With accommodation costs increasing more students are having to squeeze their belongings into a smaller space, and with increasing costs, students already living away from their parental home are loathed to part with all the gifts and purchases that have been accumulated over the years. That is why self storage for students is smart storage.

Whether it is long-term storage or short-term storage it is a convenient solution. But you need to choose your storage provider carefully so that you can access your belongings at any time and retrieve your spare TV when, at 7.30pm your other one blows up right before the X-Factor final.

To help you make the best decision for your belongings here are a few key things a student should look for in a self storage facility:

· Student offers

Special student term or academic year discount deals

· 24/7 security

Make sure the storage facility that you choose has security in mind. A few basic enquiries should tell you everything you need to know. Consider Individual unit security: Is it a lock and key system or a key pad? How many master keys exist? Does it have CCTV? And what about overall site security?

· A clean and dry environment

Make sure that you don’t compromise your belongings to save a pound here and there.

· Convenient access 24/7

So you can access your belongings when you need them.

· Brightly lit and safe environment

Preferably with entry intercoms for your safety and security.

A good self storage facility will put you and your belongings at the centre of their company so feel free to ask questions and get storage solutions that you feel confident in.