Student Storage

How can any student be expected to keep their place tidy when they spend all their time hard at work studying and generally doing lots of clever stuff? Yeah, right. But seriously, living space can be a bit limited when you are away at university, and keeping you possessions in order can be tricky.

Student Storage

The problem usually hits home when Mum and Dad announce that they are coming for a visit (i.e. inspection). After you have crammed as much as is physically possible under the bed and piled so much stuff on top of the wardrobe it’s about to go through the floorboards, you start to think, "I need to do something about all this."

Self storage is the answer. To give yourself, and your possessions, some much-needed space, Space Station self storage provides students the following:

  • Short term storage
  • Long term storage
  • A clean and dry storage environment
  • 24-hour/day security

All you have to do is decide what goes in your storage space. The best way is to think of it like another room in your home (but one that your Mum and Dad don’t see). You can move things between home and storage as much as you want; nothing has to be locked away for ever. Whether it’s textbooks you don’t need this term, seasonal clothes or the drum kit you never actually play but will do one day, our student storage service gives you the perfect place to put it.

Of course, it’s not just about de-cluttering. You may have some valuables that you don’t really want lying around during the next student party. Space Station self storage gives you the utmost security along with easy access when you need it, making it the ideal place to keep your valuables safe.

Freeing up some space in that Aladdin’s cave you call a room is a simple way to give yourself valuable space to do something useful (study?) instead of clamber over clutter – and it will prove to your parents that you are not hopeless when it comes to living away from them after all.