Taking stock of storage for a business based at home

Thousands of entrepreneurs are starting online businesses to work their way out of unemployment or to help makes end meet - but the problem with a successful virtual business is traders still need somewhere to keep stock.

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Any business that holds stock soon runs out of room because the space you need is not just for what you are selling...

If you are already trading, you will have realised that the extras soon pile up:

  • Storage for stock
  • Packaging materials
  • If you make what you sell, then you need room to keep raw materials and workspace
  • Filing for paperwork generated by the business for tax and accounting purposes

The garage is one solution - but protecting documents and stock from damp and dirt is an issue.

Many traders are turning towards self storage units as a solution to their need to expand.

Self storage comes in cheap and cheerful, flexible space that means you can easily upgrade for seasonal stock - like Christmas - and revert back to less space at other times.

Storage units should come clean, dry and often climate controlled so all your business gear in storage is kept in the right conditions and does not cost you money in writing off damaged stock.

Other issues self storage facilities take care of are accessibility and security.

Any good storage facility has long opening house every day plus CCTV and alarm protection.

This means you can get to your storage place when you need to and don't have to worry about thieves breaking in to an unattended shed or outhouse and stealing your stock.

Small online businesses can really prosper from cheap and cost-effective self storage.

Most of traders living in urban areas will live within a few minutes drive of a self storage centre.

Many storage centres also offer bulk storage to bigger businesses.

Outsourcing storage can help your business stay organised, keep stock and materials safe and your home clear from drowning in clutter.