Ten out of date items you may have lurking in your home!?
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Ten out of date items you may have lurking in your home!

When it comes to storing items properly in our homes, many of us have had very little education on the matter apart from the essentials, and we’re even
more clueless when it comes to items with specific use by dates.

Vlatka Lake, Marketing Manager at self-storage provider, Space Station, has shared the ten everyday items that may be out of date and lurking in your home.


Having a large makeup collection with a lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara to suit any occasion is an ever-growing obsession for many. However, all these
products come with use by dates and it can become quite a costly affair purchasing makeup that you will never fully use. Mascara should be ideally
replaced every 3 months, eyeshadow after a year and lipstick after two years.


If you have a penchant for expensive coffee that you only save for special occasions, you may well be wasting your money if you don’t drink it quickly
enough. Ground coffee only lasts three to five months while coffee beans only last six. The coffee with the longest shelf life is the reliable and
firm favourite – instant coffee, lasting typically between two to 20 years.

Tea bags

It’s not only coffee that goes out of date, as tea bags also expire. How many of us have impulsively bought lots of fancy teas that we never use? If you
have had them more than two years, the quality can diminish as tea bags should ideally be consumed within 18 to 24 months.

Bath sponge

Bath sponges are usually given as stocking fillers at Christmas and something that many of us try to last out as long as we can. However, these sponges
can accumulate dirt and bacteria very quickly and should be replaced every three weeks!


Every woman has a favourite bra that she finds comfy and holds on to for years, but did you know that bras have an expiration date, too? Bras should be
replaced every six months due to deterioration of the cups and straps. While wearing an out of date bra won’t cause you serious harm, the bras will
lose their support and can begin to feel uncomfortable, often leading to back pain.


Your cosy pair of slippers that you wear every day when you get home from work could be harbouring a high level of bacteria and germs due to us being on
our feet all day. To prevent fungal infections, it is recommended to replace them every six months.


Paint can last more than a decade if it is looked after properly. However, this is dependent on whether it has been opened and the type of paint you have
been using. Latex or oil based paints can last up to two years, whereas solvent based paint can last up to 15 years.


With the ever-changing British weather, sunscreen only tends to come out of our cupboards for a short period in the summertime or when we’re preparing
for a holiday, which means it is often left neglected for years at a time. Sunscreen has a three-year expiry – which gives you plenty of time to get
use out of the bottle, but always double check the product before you use it.


While pillows do not come with a conventional expiry date, for optimum comfort, it is recommended that pillows are replaced every six to 12 months due
to the bacteria that we accumulate whilst we sleep.


Disinfectants tend to lose their potency after three months, so if you’re planning on a big clean ahead of summer, it might be worth replacing your bottle
if you have had it lingering in your cupboard. If you are doing light cleaning, you might be able to stretch the product out that little bit longer.