Tidy home, tidy mind: how to declutter your home
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Tidy home, tidy mind: how to declutter your home

They say a messy home equals a messy mind and with winter and Christmas quickly approaching, many of us are decluttering our homes ahead of the cosy season.

We recently spoke with psychologist, Jan de Jonge from People Business Psychology who described how the state of a person’s home can often reflect the state of their mind, and by decluttering and organising our surroundings, this
can have a positive effect on our mental health and wellbeing too.

To help with your decluttering, we have created a decluttering checklist, which is organised by room and includes the most common items you’d find within
those rooms.

Are you ready to declutter? Grab your decluttering checklist, a pen or pencil (to cross off items decluttered as you go), storage boxes (for organising
items you wish to keep or for transporting items to another room) and bin bags for any waste or recycling.

Download your copy of our decluttering checklist:

Your ultimate decluttering checklist (65 KB)