Top tips for self storage newbies

Self storage newbies need to have a checklist of questions to make sure they are getting the best from their storage centre, says Simon Peters of Space Station Self Storage, a market leading firm with storage facilities across West London and Berkshire.After all, you would not hand over your possessions to a stranger without checking them out first.

Some less reputable firms open up and offer cheap self storage to make a quick buck - but your belongings are often kept in unsuitable damp and dirty premises with little or no security that can ruin fragile items.

self storage tips

Here are some quick tips :


If you can just walk in to a storage centre without entering a PIN code or checking in with staff, then that should set alarm bells ringing!

Only you should have the key to your door and self storage centres should have rigorous security protecting the building inside and out.

Easy access

You need clear access to drive up to your storage, unload and manoeuvre large objects in to your unit. Corridors should be clean and well lit. Expect freely available trolleys and a lift to upper floors.

Long opening hours and staff on site

Opening in business hours is fine - but not if you are at work or college during the day. Check the storage centre has evening and weekend opening hours so you can get to your belongings.

Any self storage centre that ticks the ‘yes’ box for these pointers is showing the needs of customers are considered and the staff care about looking after the belongings left with them - Space Station Self Storage takes pride in making sure we offer top customer service and excellent facilities.

Find out more about Space Station Self Storage in Berkshire, Heathrow or West London by contacting us at Slough (01753 770707) Brentford and Isleworth (0208 847 0077) or Uxbridge (01895 447007).

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