TV switches on to self storage comedy

The self storage business has found some unlikely glitter with an award winning web comedy video chronicling the lives and loves of a couple of friends who are so hard up they move into a California storage unit.

“Self Storage” is starting out on its second series following the adventures of Dana and Shoshanna, a pair of roommates evicted from their apartment.

The show is there to promote US storage giant Storage Outlet and includes some handy storage tips along with the laughs, although ‘don’t start a fire in a self storage unit’ verges rather towards stating the obvious.

The first season ran to five episodes and was good enough to justify a follow up – Stay Tuned TV voted it their best comedy series for 2010 and the show was a finalist in Clickers Best’s comedy awards too.

It’s the work of writers and stars Julie Mann (Dana) and Kimberley Trew (Shoshanna), who like many small entrepreneurs, are finding self storage the perfect way to get a start in business without shelling out huge start up costs. They’ve already won a festival spot for their work on life in a box.

In many ways the self storage business is the perfect fit for a sitcom; it’s the ultimate blank canvas on which Mann and Trew can paint their dysfunctional tales.

In reality though, living in your self storage unit isn’t such a great idea. While the business has boomed as pressure on space in this country increases and self storage facilities are finding favour as low cost, flexible business premises, one couple ran up against the law when they moved into a storage facility in Texas.

Prince and Charlomane Leonard of Houston fell on hard times just like our fictional friends, but the 10,000 square feet of storage space they chose as a home for them and their six children was ruled not up to scratch by child protection officials. The couple argued that the safety and security of their new home was in contrast to squalid low-rent housing, but the lack of running water was the clincher for the state’s decision.

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