Visualising Our Mobile Data

It's so easy to forget just how much technology has transformed storage. The equivalent of 6,300 books can now sit comfortably in your pocket - and that's just on a 16GB phone.

With devices currently having the capacity to hold up to 256GB, and computers having enormous storage facilities of over 2TB, you can easily walk around with an entire library (along with its archives) in your bag, all while feeling as light as a feather.

And we haven't even started talking about the cloud yet…

In the modern day, our phones hold so much sentimental value. Packed with memories, hundreds of photos, videos and songs can be found on our devices. But what exactly would it look like if all of the data on our phones was laid out, physically, in front of us to see?

Photos take up the majority of our digital storage, with over a quarter of Brits storing at least 500 digitally on electronic devices. 16GB of storage can hold up to 3,640 photos and if we produced 4 x 6 inch prints of each picture and lined them up, end to end, they would cover a huge 546m. That's the equivalent of five football pitches!

In fact, research conducted by InfoTrends discovered over 2.7 trillion photos were stored digitally in 2014. Lining all 2.7 trillion photos up end-to-end would stretch over 200 million miles - a distance that could reach the sun and back. And, with the selfie trend in full force, the stat for the current day is expected to be even larger.

As we've mentioned, 16GB will also hold the equivalent of 6,300 books. Piled on top of each other, this huge stack of books should reach 157.5m - a height taller than Big Ben (96m) and the London Eye (135m).

Music lovers might be interested to know that 16GB can hold 196 albums. They'd probably topple over, but if we placed one on top of the other in a single stack a height of 204cm would be reached. Taller than a standard door frame and the average male (who, by the way is 5ft 9-inches), we're pretty sure you'll never run out of tunes to rock out, dance or even relax to.

Technology is pretty impressive, but it's always nice to have the real thing. Don't forget to print out a few of your treasured photos and buy your favourite albums now and again!