What’s Your New Year Resolution

...and how Space Station’s Special Offer Can Help You Keep It.It’s that time again, another year looming. An opportunity to review the year just gone and reflect on what 2014 has in store for you.


If you look back over the last year you, like most others, will recognise things that you wish you had done differently, or maybe not done at all. The worst kind of regret though is the regret that you didn’t do something. This is said to be the regret that stays with you longest.

Around 50% of adults make a New Years resolution. However, it will come as no surprise to you that most people fail to stick to their resolutions. Specifically, 22% fail in their resolutions after one week, 40% after one month, 50% after three months, 60% after six months, and 81% after twenty-four months. Now doesn’t that make depressing reading*.
The three most likely reasons for not sticking to New Years resolutions are:

  • Unclear or vague goals.
  • Failure to measure your progress towards your goal and
  • Poor self-control and self-regulation*.

The option to test your resolution to declutter before you commit might give you the confidence to make the commitment you want to make. “What are you talking about?” I hear you say. It’s simple. You may know you need to declutter but worry that you will regret getting rid of something. This worry impedes the effectiveness of your decluttering, making you less ruthless, and resulting in you returning everything that you think you may want or need in the long term, to the shelf (again).

So instead, take the items that you don’t use regularly and store them. Wherever you store them, be it an attic, a garage or a self-storage locker; by putting them out of the way for anything from a couple of weeks to a year you can ‘test’ whether you need the things you are planning to get rid of. Knowing that you can still access and change your mind on anything you remove from your home will give you the confidence to be more effective in your clear out.

To help you keep your New Years’ resolutions we even have a special offer running until the end of January to give you 8 weeks of self-storage for the price of 4 so that you can see whether you really do need the broken DVD player just in case the component may come in handy, before disposing of it entirely.

* Norcross & Vangarelli, 1988, as cited by Koestner 2008, p. 60