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When to move house – a guide

Moving house has a bad rep for being stressful, as the whole process can often be dictated by factors beyond your control. That’s why whenever you do get
your new keys, a little organisation is sure to help things move along smoothly.

Here we take a look at the benefits of moving house in each season – and how planning your move around certain times of year can make the entire process
that little bit easier.

The spring season is a wonderful time of year to make changes in your life, and moving in the first few months of the year can set you off on a great foot
in your new home. An additional perk to moving in the spring time is that removal companies often charge a little less – due in part to them being
less busy. To maximise these savings, it’s worth remembering that moving on a week day can often prove to be cheaper.

Practically speaking, moving house can be easier when the weather’s brighter. Dry, sunny days make moving things from A to B simple, without having to
worry about chilly weather or getting caught in a torrential downpour. The school summer holidays are also a great time to move if you have children,
giving them the chance to finish a school year in one place, before beginning the start of the new school year in another.

Moving house during the winter months can have excellent perks. Not only can you enjoy getting cosy in your new space, but there are plenty of seasonal
celebrations to look forward to once you’ve settled in. A new home is a great excuse to invite the family over for a Christmas meal, plan a New Year’s
Eve party with friends or simply enjoy decorating your new home with plenty of festive cheer. What’s more, the festive period is a great time to get
to know your new neighbours. Whether you exchange cards, arrange to have festive drinks with those living nearby, or use chatting about the festive
season as a great way to break the ice, a house move in winter can be great.

Whenever you move house, our handy removal team are experts in ensuring your belongings are moved safely – whatever the weather. Our removal service cover
areas such as Brentford, Chiswick, Ealing, Isleworth,
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