Who to inform when you're moving house

When moving house, there's an enormous list of things to work through, so much so that we can forget to sort out the big and little things that are dependent on our addresses.

Making sure that all of the relevant people and parties are informed of your move is very important. If you forget or don't bother, you can end up with an annoyance at one end of the spectrum and a pile of bills at the other!
The Post Office
The most obvious organisation to inform of your change in address is the post office. Using their mail-redirection service, you'll be able to make sure any errant letters make their way to your new home while you contact the individual companies and organisations with your old address on file.
Important people
Whether it's your family, friends, lawyer or employer, don't forget to tell the people that matter that you're moving house.
The Government
There are a range of government agencies that will need to be made aware of your change in address. This includes the:
  • Electoral Register
  • TV Licensing Authority
  • HM Revenue and Customs
  • National Insurance Office
  • Local Council Tax Office
  • Driver Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA)
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • VAT Office 
You may also contact the Passport Office, despite there being no legal obligation to do so.
There are lots of different companies that provide for our homes, so the following must be informed of your change in address:
Water provider
  • Gas and electricity provider(s)
  • Phone, internet and TV providers
  • Mobile phone providers
You may be able to carry on with your existing providers when you move, but even if you aren't, you should cancel your services so you don't continue paying for those you no longer need.
All of your banking, savings and investment providers need to be told you're moving house, and the same goes for pension providers and any companies you might have credit or loyalty cards with.
While you may be able to transplant your existing home and car insurance policies onto your new home, there are a wide range of factors that could improve your premiums, so make sure you let them know you're moving.
Medical practitioners
It's important that you let your GP, dentist, optician and other medical practitioners you use know when you change address. You may be able to keep on with certain specialists, while you may have to register with new professionals if you move further away.
Other bills
To make sure you get to grips with all of the small and relatively insignificant bills we pay, from magazine subscriptions to premium bonds, all the way to gyms and food delivery services, make a long list and then get contacting.
Lastly, if you have pets, phone your vet and ask what microchipping database your animal's information is stored on. Then contact that database and change the address on file.