Whose Job Is It Anyway?

When you choose to use self-storage your belongings are still your responsibility...

You need to know that if tragedy strikes, someone is there to throw you a rope. This means that in the event of a meteor hitting the earth, or an unanticipated volcano errupting and wiping out parts of the UK, you want to know that you can replace or repair your belongings without having to worry about the cost. We take multiple precautions such as fire doors, sprinkler systems, CCTV and alarms among other things to ensure the safety of your belongings, but we can never say never, right? For this reason we insist that all of our self storage residents have insurance that covers all of their belongings stored at Space Station.  Most household insurers will not cover your belongings under standard household cover so it means you need to arrange cover separately.

So what are the options?
You can approach individual insurers, most of whom will quote you for cover on self storage lockers and containers. It is possible that you may be able to get a good price, but this can be time consuming and you need to remember to notify your insurer if your self storage arrangement changes – either in size, where it is being held, or when you no longer need it.

Alternatively most self storage facilities, Space Station included, offer insurance that can be paid for as an add-on to the self storage locker or container. This can be a quicker and more convenient way of arranging insurance that is competitive, and matches your self storage space and needs. At Space Station we offer a bespoke insurance so that you can be confident that you are only paying for what you need.

However you choose to protect your stored belongings in case the unimaginable happens, not insuring is not an option.