Why Greater London Self Storage Saves You Money

With Property Prices in London 6 times more per m² than in the Home Counties it is no wonder London self storage facilities that can offer convenient accessibility and a cost effective storage solution are in high demand.


2013 brought further growth in the self storage industry. With over 400 companies operating self storage facilities across the UK you might be forgiven for wondering just how much more growth the market can take…

Having said that, the increasing price per square foot suggests that the growing population, with rising house prices, hand in hand with less space available in new homes means that there is still some elasticity in the market.

On average, 0.5sq ft of self storage space is rented per person in the UK. Interestingly the bulk of self storage available in the South of England is 35% of the total market compared to just 28% of the self storage market being in London. This is actually quite logical though, with property prices in the Capital as high as £19,485 per square meter in Westminster, it makes sense that storage providers capitalise on slightly lower space costs outside of London where property prices per square foot are much more reasonable (£3,616.82 in Oxford, just over an hour from the capital).

Because at Space station we pride ourselves on giving you accessible self storage, we have invested in facilities throughout Greater London so that you can have affordable storage on your doorstep. We believe that you can’t put a value on having your belongings close to hand (even when they’re not in your home) which is why we have facilities in Brentford, Uxbridge, Heathrow and Isleworth as well as facilities slightly further outside of the Capital in Slough. And because there is no point having an accessible store that you can’t get to, our facilities are accessible 7 days a week and we have 24 hour external unit storage with drive-to access too.

For more information on house prices in the UK check out this user friendly tool from the BBC.