Why self storage is good for students

No ties and easy access puts students are among the most enthusiastic users of self storage.

Many students split their life between two bases - and once they’re away from the security of university halls of residence they’ll often be on the move as house shares go bad or what looked like the love of a lifetime turns out to be a fling.

Money is tight for most students, so paying rent over the university holidays fora house they don’t use isn’t the best use of those student loans. Self storage is a bargain way to keep all that gear safe without the upheaval and expense of moving a whole new life back to mum and dad.

It’s about independence too. Moving away from home for the first time is all about taking control of your own life. Building a new life inevitably means accumulating new possessions which won’t be easy to squeeze into a childhood bedroom if a move back is dictated by finances or a break in studies.

Student life is also about enjoyment. New enthusiasms spring up, needing the latest equipment of course, which can be securely stashed away when it’s not in use. Holidays from the books might mean going back to the parental home or jetting off to work and play overseas. With flexible, short rentals and little in the way of commitment, self storage is the obvious answer for taking a break from it all.

Work too will expand over the course of a degree. The easy accessibility of self storage and the guarantee that no burst pipe or spilled beer will ruin that essay that will one day vital for revision gives extra piece of mind.

Student houses are notoriously prone to break-ins so a good strong lock and key and 24 hour CCTV coverage might just be the best bet for valuables that can’t be kept safe at home.

Self storage companies know that student demand is high, which is great news for student customers. Look for special deals and facilities close to student hubs like west London. For example, Space Station, chuck in free insurance, a padlock and a very low price to tempt students in.