Why self storage makes sense for growing families

Self storage makes sense for families stuck in homes with growing families and overflowing possessions filling every nook and cranny.

Few families on a tight budget can afford to move but need the extra space.

Moving to a larger house is often the solution for homeowners living and often working in cramped living space, but that route is blocked by problems selling property and raising mortgages.

Self storage is a cheap and effective solution. Instead of moving, simply rent the space required for as long as necessary.

What is self storage?

Self storage is a large industrial building split up in to a honeycomb of small rooms of varying sizes. The storage firm looks after keeping the building clean, staffing and security in return for a charge based on the amount of space rented.

Home storage solution

Self storage is the ideal solution for a cluttered home. All the belongings that are rarely used on need putting away for the winter can be safely and securely kept in self storage.

Size is not a problem as storage space starts from a secure locker around the size of a standard double wardrobe and just keeps on going to an entire container that can take everything in a four-bedroom house.

Domestic storage can take  bulky furniture, garden tools and toys, sports gear and DIY equipment - including those ladders that are so difficult to store.

Keeping belongings safe and secure

Renting storage space is easy. Just visit the storage facility and choose the right sized space.

Always inspect the room to make sure the walls and floor are clean and dry. Buy a sturdy lock and keep the keys separate so both are not lost or mislaid at the same time.

Only the renter or someone with the key can enter the storage space, so any belongings are safe and secure.

What makes good self storage?

Before signing any contract, bear in mind a few points about what makes good secure self storage:

  • Clean and secure storage space
    • Easy access with plenty of parking, trolleys and lifts for moving bulky items
      • Evening and weekend opening, so customers can access their storage
        • Good security, including CCTV outside and inside

        Many self storage facilities go beyond the basics and offer extra services like storage insurance, packaging materials and even courtesy or hire vans for moving possessions.