Keep your documents and records safe and secure, without taking up vital space in the office – or at home.

Space Station’s document and archive storage is an ideal way to store essential documents that can’t be thrown away, but aren’t needed day-to-day, for both business and personal use.

Storing your documents

As any business knows, it’s essential to keep records of certain accounting documents and files for data protection purposes. But storing these files can take up valuable office space that could be put to a much better use. You could be missing out on extra desks, communal areas or meeting rooms – or even just space for more recent documents that are still needed regularly. Is it time to scale up to a bigger office? Fortunately there’s no need, thanks to a much more convenient solution in self-storage.

At home, meanwhile, we all accumulate so many things that we just can’t dispose of. It could be personal documents, health records, or maybe even magazines and books. If your home or office is piled high with boxes or filing cabinets, then Space Station can help.

With Space Station, you can keep your records safe and secure at one of our self-storage facilities, protected by our state-of-the-art technology, giving you peace of mind that your files are safe. CCTV, pin-coded gates, and one key kept by just one person – you – all ensure that your essential documents stay safe.

Tips and advice

When choosing to file your business documents with us, we’ve found the following recommendations to be really useful for keeping your archive in order:

  • Label your boxes, and keep an index sheet to help you find specific files quickly and easily. Make a copy of your index sheet too – keep one in the storage room and one at home or in the office
  • Be shred-ready. By keeping your documents in sections that can be shredded together, you can save yourself a lot of time when it comes to clearing them out
  • Don’t pack too much into one box - keep your files easy to access by making sure the boxes aren’t overloaded and heavy

Storage equipment

To keep your files safe and secure, we have a variety of document archiving and packing materials in our on-site store. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you, should you have any queries regarding this service.

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