When you need a secure short-term storage solution, trust Space Station.

The business world rarely stands still for long – no matter how accurate your predictions usually are, you can never quite know exactly what’s coming around the corner. When you could be faced with a sudden need for more space to meet an unexpected demand, or you need to refurbish your office so you can expand your workforce, it’s good to know that there’s always a place you can store your business-essential items for a little while. Thats where Space Station comes in!

Short term solutions

There’s an almost endless range of circumstances that could see your business suddenly needing some extra space: shifting trends, the unexpected loss or gain of a supplier or stockist – or maybe you need to keep your regular products out of sight to make room for some seasonal stock.

Perhaps you’re redecorating to match a rebranding, changing the office layout so you can expand your workforce, or just moving somewhere better suited – these big changes, while a cause for celebration, can be a logistical nightmare without somewhere to store things away from the risk of loss or damage.

Or maybe you’re finding co-ordinating a fleet of sales reps to be a struggle, as they work longer hours – often starting earlier and finishing later in the day – and will need their own supply of stock to take out with them. Incorporating the things they need to do their job is essential to a business’s success, but it’s not always easy! A self-storage room with Space Station could be the ideal place for your reps to drop off, pick up and store samples easily.

Safe, secure and convenient

Instead of paying for warehouse space that you struggle to fill for most of the year, Space Station’s self-storage rooms mean you can have some more space to play with, but only for as long as you actually need it. Because of our flexible short-term contracts, with no lengthy minimum terms to trap you, it really is a pay-as-you-go storage solution. Whether it’s for a hectic week or the Christmas period, we can help.

With units ranging from small lockers to massive storage rooms, and the option for 24-hour access, you’ll never have to scale back your operation with Space Station. All of our units are protected with CCTV, PIN-code entrance gates, and storage room doors with just one key – yours – so you can be sure that your items will be safe and sound with us.

Here to help

At Space Station, we are dedicated to doing everything we can to solve your short-term storage problems. We even offer a complimentary removal service to take the fuss out of the move – just get in touch with your nearest store for more information.

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