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Storage auctions

The minimum rental charge is one week. We will invoice you for one month in advance and will continue so until you tell us that you are vacating your unit by giving us 7 days notice (business customers, 1 month notice). We will refund any unused paid rental on your account, subject to the minimum 7 days term and the notice period.

What are storage auctions?

Sometimes storage units just get abandoned – maybe people leave the country unexpectedly, or forget about their unit or stop paying the bills – and we have to sell the contents to the highest bidder. It’s that simple.

So you could just sell my goods?

No, not at all! Our rules around storage auctions are incredibly strict so don’t worry – we don’t undertake them lightly, and we certainly don’t open up your unit and start selling your possessions the day you miss a payment. Storage auctions are a last resort, and the full payment process we go through with our customers before we get to one takes at least 60 days.

How do they work?

If a customer hasn’t paid or responded to our phone calls and letters for 60 days, we cut off the lock on the unit and take a photo of the contents from the outside. Just a simple shot from the doorway – not a detailed look at everything in the unit. We then send the photo to our registered bidders – we have around 1,000 on our list – and take closed bids for the whole unit.

You can’t bid on individual items, just the entire contents of the unit. The auction goes to the highest bidder, obviously, who can then do as they please with what they’ve bought. However, they will be required to return any personal items – such as photos, legal documents, tax records, identification and so on – to us so we can pass them on to the unit’s former owner.

Can I get involved?

Absolutely! If you would like to join our list of prospective bidders please send your contact details Alternatively, if you have any concerns about your possessions being sold at auction then please get in touch with us and we will be glad to discuss it in more detail – we’re very sensitive to people’s concerns, and would like to assure you that it’s only in very exceptional circumstances that we actually reach the auction stage.

For storage auctions terms and conditions click here.