Need a space to store your things outside of term-time? Space Station offers storage for students too.

Flexible arrangements

As the end of term approaches, and it's time to pack up your belongings, sometimes it's just not possible to take all your things with you – especially when you'll be coming back in a couple of months!

More often than not, student living requires you to move from place to place, with student lets sometimes finishing before the next one starts. When this happens, Space Station has the perfect solution to take care of your possessions.

Whether you need temporary storage space for just a week between houses, need somewhere to keep your things for the summer, or even if you're off to explore the world for a while, we can certainly help.

As well as this, if you're in need of a little extra space during term time to keep essential equipment such as your bike, or other sports items, get in touch today – we can definitely help. Being a student shouldn't mean giving up the things you love to do, and it shouldn't mean you're confined to a cluttered life!

Peace of mind

Student storage rooms provide you with a clean, dry space to keep hold of your possessions, and all our storage units are protected by CCTV, so you needn't worry about their safety. We have special offers available for students to make the most of, so get in touch today to find out just how we can help.

As well as this, you can access your stuff at any time - only you will hold the key!

Are your goods insured?

Space Station provides bespoke insurance to protect your goods and give you complete peace of mind. Read more

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